Human Resources

HR Consultancy Services

As an employer of people you will be all too aware that over the years human resource management has become increasingly complex with changes to, and the introduction of new, legislation taking place frequently, in fact, every April and October.

To avoid unnecessary risk it is imperative that employers implement clear and effective HR practices and regularly ensure that they are legislatively compliant. However, this is easier said than done and also time consuming; when concentrating on running a successful business, it can become a frustrating distraction.

At HR Protocol we can take that frustration away and ensure that your HR practices fit your business and your business’ culture. We recognise that the amount of support you need may vary from time to time and we can discuss the level of support you require depending on whether you have a specific project to implement or are looking for on-going support.

Be assured that as strategic and operational HR professionals we, at HR Protocol, have experience of leading and implementing HR services to both the public and private sectors. We deliver HR Consultancy support to business critical projects or can support in a coaching capacity so that you can implement the initiative successfully yourself.

If you are uncertain that your current HR practices are up to date then call Lisa Poole on 01476 861884 or email her here and arrange a free HR Health Check at your premises.

Our range of HR services includes:

HR Advice

Interpreting HR policies and employment law can be tricky. HR Protocol will provide you with advice and guidance regarding employment law and your various options as to how to proceed with the Human Resources challenges facing you. This advice can be provided over the phone or we can visit your premises to discuss the issues and explore the best way forward for your business.

Strategic and Operational Support

You know where you want your business to focus and how you want it to grow and HR Protocol can support you to realise these plans and targets through your workforce. We can put together an HR strategy that will support your business performance and we can also assist with the implementation of that strategy by providing operational support to you.

Grievance, Discipline and Dismissal

To ensure that you follow fair and transparent processes when dealing with sensitive issues, such as a grievance from an employee or a concern regarding an employees conduct or performance that may lead to a disciplinary hearing, HR Protocol will provide advice and guidance for you to follow, or alternatively will come in to assist you with any part of the process you wish us to manage and handle on your behalf.

Employment Policy and Procedure Development

There are many areas of people management that require set procedures to be followed so that staff are treated fairly and consistently. HR Protocol can provide you with employment contracts, employee handbooks and a range of policies and procedures that will suit your business. Policies can range from recruitment, induction, probation, performance management, absence management, discipline and grievance, family friendly, equal opportunities plus others that may be required to achieve your business goals.

We can also assist you in communicating and implementing new and revised processes so that all staff feel involved and importantly, understand the reasons for the changes.

Change Management

If you have a need to change a department structure or resize your business, for instance, then HR Protocol can provide you with remote or on site support to enable you to implement the changes in a timely manner, and ensure that the process complies with current employment legislation requirements, thereby reducing the risk of litigation. We can provide the documentation needed for redundancies; the consultations required and support you to implement redundancy processes to ensure that they are fair and transparent.

Performance Management

Your people are likely to be your biggest cost and also your biggest asset and you rely on them to do a good job for your company. Implementing a performance management structure can ensure that you get the best from your people, that they know what standards are expected from them and how they are performing against those standards. HR Protocol is passionate about performance and can advise and assist you to improve your performance through your people.

Employee Engagement

Do you know whether your employees enjoy working for you? Do you know what they like most and least about coming to work? If not then HR Protocol can provide you with tools and techniques to obtain this data. We can also analyse the feedback and identify areas where changes and improvements would make a difference to your employees’ satisfaction with their place of work.