HR Consultancy Fee Structure

HR Consultancy Services

We’ve already mentioned elsewhere that we don’t believe there’s a one size fits all solution when it comes to managing your employees and we also recognise that you may want different levels of service depending on your budget and company requirements so here’s a suite of service level options for you to choose from:

1. Free HR audit

This takes about an hour to an hour and a half and is an opportunity for us to meet and discuss your current Human Resources practices and procedures covering everything from how you recruit to what benefits you have in place through exit strategies for staff. Following the audit you will be given a report on our findings and any recommendations for improving the way you manage your most expensive assets, your staff.

Price – Free of charge

2. Employment Law and HR Advice Helpline

This gives you access to support and advice via the telephone or email on any employment issue that you are faced with.

Price – from £17.00/month payable by standing order for a 12 month period, renewable.

3. Employment Law and HR Advice Helpline and Provision of Appropriate Communication

The level of service as described in 2 above plus assistance to ensure that letters that are required to go to staff are of the relevant detail. We do see a lot of letters that don’t have sufficient detail in them to satisfy a tribunal that a process is being followed correctly.

Price – from £32.00/month payable by standing order for a 12 month period, renewable.

4. Review and Refresh Employment Contract or Introduce Contracts for the First Time

It is very important to review your employment contract every couple of years, mainly because employment law is constantly changing but also to ensure that the clauses within the contract fit with the evolution of your business. As you grow you might require different clauses adding and amending. We also make sure that you have the minimum required procedures in place.

Price – £470.00 payable in 2 installments, 50% deposit on order, 50% on delivery.

4.1 Staff Consultation

In addition we can provide assistance with introducing the revised employment contract to your staff.

Price – £27 per employee, includes letter of introduction and face-to-face meeting if required.

5. Review and Refresh, or introduce Employee Handbook for the First Time.

It’s great practice to have an Employee Handbook for your staff to refer to whenever they are unsure of a process to follow. Our Employee Handbooks are very comprehensive and can cover anything from customer service, to Human Resources policies and practices, to basic health and safety, to company vehicle policies and more or less depending on your needs.

Price – £700.00 for review and revise of a handbook not originally produced by HR Protocol, payable in 2 installments as above

£570.00 for introduction of first handbook payable in 2 installments as above

5.1 Staff Consultation

Price – £27 per employee, includes letter of introduction and face-to-face meeting if required.

6. Retained Annual Contract

This service includes a review of all the documentation you have in place and revisions made where necessary, assistance with any consultation required, access to employment law and HR advice, all documentation produced on your behalf, employment law updates, updates to your contract and handbook as the law changes, HR newsletters, quarterly review meetings and on-site support when required.

Price – dependent on number of employees, starting from £2,400 per annum for up to 10 staff payable in instalments. 10% reduction on 1st renewal.

7. Provision of HR Policies and Procedures

We can write comprehensive policies and procedures to address your particular needs. These will be bespoke for your organisation and could cover any aspect of managing people.

Price – £197.00 per policy

8. Provision of Standard Template Policies and Procedures

We have standard documents produced to cover Equal Opportunities, Discipline, Grievance, Performance Management, Capability, Flexible Working, Maternity, Adoption and Paternity procedures.

Price – £75.00 each, reducing to £65.00 each for 3 or more ordered at the same time.

9. Ad hoc Operational HR Support

If you would prefer not to commit to an annual agreement then we are happy to provide ad hoc support either remotely or on-site to assist you with your particular employment practice needs.

Price – £65.00 per hour remote support and £85.oo per hour on-site support (travel expenses not included)

10. 6 days of on-site HR consultation for the price of 5.

How about having HR present on a regular basis? HR Protocol would be happy to break this down into half days so you could have HR on-site every month.

Price – £2,500 per annum payable in 12 equal instalments

11. Strategic HR Support

Price dependent on requirements

In the event that the above options do not suit your needs then please contact Lisa Poole on 01476 861884 as she will be happy to discuss with you your particular requirements.