How We Work

The dispute is referred to HR Protocol, via the Referral Form. From the information submitted, the workplace mediator will determine whether mediation is appropriate. If deemed appropriate the date and an appropriate venue for the meetings will be agreed.

The participants will then receive a short document explaining the process, the agenda for the mediation day, a Confidentiality Statement for signature and a Participant’s Goals for Mediation document to be completed prior to mediation. Each participant will be contacted by telephone and introduced to the mediation process a few days before the date of the mediation.

The series of workplace mediation meetings all take place on the same day and objective is to conclude the mediation process in one day.

The structure of the morning is to hold two separate meetings with each participant. The first meeting gives the individuals the opportunity to tell of their experience of the dispute and how the conflict has impacted on them and their working environment. In the second meeting the parties are encouraged to consider their goals for the future and how they will address the other party when they come together for the joint meeting. The structure of the afternoon is to hold a joint meeting.

This will commence with each party being given the opportunity to speak, uninterrupted, so they can explain to the other participant how the conflict has affected them and what they want changed for their future relationship to prosper.

The workplace mediator will then facilitate the ensuing discussions focusing the parties on ways that they might consider working differently in the future which culminates in a mutual and manageable agreement being drawn up. The agreement consists of a number of achievable and measurable statements.

HR Protocol will contact the parties at agreed intervals over the following 6 months after the mediation day in order to check on their progress and offer support if needed.