Why Mediate – Employee/Employer Benefits

Employer benefits

There are so many benefits from using workplace mediation that it makes good business sense to use HR Protocol. Some of the benefits for employers are as follows:-

  • Cost effective process
  • Quick response to dealing with disputes
  • Time efficient
  • Retains valuable and talented staff
  • Re-engagement of demotivated employees
  • Reduces sickness absence
  • Improves working environment and atmosphere
  • Improves staff performance
  • Increases profits for the business

Employee benefits

  • A safe environment in which to discuss the issues
  • A confidential process
  • To firstly discuss the issues in private
  • Time to think and prepare for meeting with the other party
  • An opportunity to speak without interruption
  • To be listened to
  • A structured day facilitated with respect for all concerned
  • Support throughout the day
  • Owning the process and achieving results
  • An end to an unsatisfactory working relationship
  • A more enjoyable working environment
  • Returning to a motivated and productive way of working
  • Access to formal internal processes if mediation is unsuccessful